Firsts start

The Firsts have their inaugural home match this Tuesday (6th October), playing host to Bannatyne. Come down and see the County Champion Gareth Lumsden play and cheer on Redcar in their quest to stay in the premiership for the first time in over 20 years. 7:30pm start

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Minutes of this week’s monthly meeting

Please find the minutes of this month’s meeting:

1507 meeting

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Redcar back in the premiership

With the ladies already promoted to their premiership, an unexpected bonus has popped up with Redcar mens team also promoted to the premiership for 2015/16.

Look out for some fantastic matches on Tuesday matches and follow the team for the away games

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Short Summer League – enter at club

By means of tick-over and a chance to play different players, a sumemr league has gone up – just put your name on the one league at the club, call anyone else in the league and get playing.

All matches are point a rally to 11 and stop at 11 so it’s sudden death at 10-10.

All matches play all 5 games even if someone has won the first 3 or 4.

You count the total number of points you accumulate, regardless of games won so if one player wins all 5 games they get 55 points (5×11). It is possible to lose 4 games to 1 but win overall eg A v B.  A wins 4 of the 5 games. Score is 11-10, 11-8, 11-9, 11-9, 1-11. Actual points are A: 45 and B: 47

The other important point about this scoring and there only being one league is the winner is likely to be the person who plays the most matches, not necessarily the one who wins most.

Get your name and number on the board, get playing and most points at the end of August wins but there’s no prizes as it’s a relaxed for fun tournament.

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AGM Minutes 2015

Thanks for thos who attended; please find the AGM notes and the Chairman’s Report


chairmans report 2014 15

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Squash AGM Coming up 18th June, 8pm

The AGM this year is at 8pm in the club on 18th June, day before many set off for Three Peaks club walk. Agenda as link below: click to open. Anyone wishing to propose a motion needs to do so before the meeting either in writing on the noticeboard or email or text 07734985111

AGM agenda

Thanks, Dominic

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